Aloha Kakou

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°°°°°Holiday and cooler , rainy season....

Still working on fixing the leaking roof and house repairs...time to hunker down and do indoor work.

lastest painting commissions:


acrylic , pigment on paper


Anianiku painting for a client in California

for Boyd Gaming : California Hotel , Las Vegas

installed somewhere at California Hotel Las Vegas

Joleen's recent living room installation of an Aniniku water painting, Honolulu.

Keawaiki_1 will be at the Maui show

acrylic / pigment on canvas 39" x 90"

Mauumae and Namotu : long horizontal waterscapes

Doug Young paintings put up for staging a house for sale up Hawaii Loa Ridge..

Mango Series: Rapoza_1

Anianiku large verticle

Bromeliad mixed media

Namotu water piece in dininig room/ kitchen

dual Anianiku verticles

Waikui glass floor poster in walk in closet area about town:
• currently at Kakaako Kitchen at Ward Centre

for Summer's Mango Season....

• Alan Wong's, The Pineapple Room, Ala Moana Center


Namotu water series currently on display

Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts: Sculpture Garden

Waikui: Art glass floor commisssion

Ronald T.Y. Moon Judiciary Complex, Kapolei, Hawai'i

5 Art glass murals
Water Series: Lanikuhonua, Anianiku

1132 Bishop Street

Koi #19 mural,

acrylic on canvas 24' x 9' private commission

...private collections :

Nalani with her 70th birthday present

Nalani Kanaka'ole / Sig Zane

collection of Alan and Suzanne Brown

Mauumae/Waikui : dual shaped canvas'

Takashi residence
Anianiku and Mauumae water paintings!!!

New water /Namotu piece for the law firm, Alston, Floyd, Hunt & Ing

....Hoe'a Moi, North Kohala...

original watercolor on paper 14' long; in-house custom frame build, Hokua condo.


Snapshot of Anianiku_46 triptych painting that was recently sent to a San Diego client

Ikeda residence: Mauumae/Waikui series

Furukawa residence: Namotu water series

Rath residence: Anianiku series

One of the Mauumae water paintings in the newly renovated Sheraton Keauhou Kona on the Big Island.
Ainakai Restaurant

Colin & Robyn's home in Maui

Anianiku triptych

Anianiku_ 39 triptych : float framed 37" x 72"

Water Paintings: details, textures & tales

The is Water series is so close to me.

As a water person all my life, it has been my salvation, escape, womb.

Throughout these four decardes, it's been all about the love of documenting the islands' unique thumbprints. The focus is it's special water places .
A real reflection on what these sites meant in the past and where we are now...and how we can learm from them.

Each painting seems to takes on the character of its placename.

Keawaiki: raw, secluded, cool, strong, steadfast: withstanding all that Pele could throw at it.

Anianiku: mirror, reflection...looking within, the Ali'i dipping their new-born in these waters to give them "Ha" or "breathe". Nurchuring and healing waters.........and of contemplation.

Mauumae/ Waikui : a Sandalwood forest stream that flowed into the ocean ...the meeting of two waters; of blending, compatibility and the merging of two into one.

Namotu: pristine Fijian waters; Hawai'i sixty years ago....a water / island environment facing more tourism and pollution.

The canvas surface is made up of multiple colored layers of splattered, sprayed dot textures of acrylic/pigment paint; hand brushes, airbrushes and toothbrushes are used randomly to create an abstract pointalist surface up close and a realistic, photographic image from afar.

Contemporary pointalism, random particles, dots of energy, the blurring of lines......

detail closeup of Anianiku_39
sent in by Lynda using her iPhone with Ollo closeup lens

Stretcher Frames:....I hand-pick the best and straightest 2x2x10' kiln-dried clear fir, rip the bevel on a tablesaw and build each frame to specs. The frames are sanded, spackled and sealed with 2 coats of paint before the canvas is stretched .

The finished painting is sealed with multiple coats of UV clear varnish as well as sealed in the back.

• The Anianiku Water Series for 15 Craigside, Nuuanu

10' and 18 ' Anianiku waterscapes for the pool excercise area

Eight different water pieces for each elevator lobby floor

18' long acrylic/pigment on canvas: Anianiku water series
Multiple prints from the old building series are also at Craigside.