I Ching Series (2005 -)

The I Ching series developed from a two person show with ceramicist Kay Mura.
One of her perpetual themes is "Family Ties". Her ceramic father figure is a bear-like beast; the baby is a yellow looking maggot-thing.
I got to thinking about family and flashed on The Book of I Ching that a friend gave me years ago. It interprets life via 64 hexagrams / facets of living.

From those 64 facets, I focused on "family","providing nourishment" and "duality".

Another twist on this series is the focus on my two early-teen girls. The images are taken from their digital pictures, their desktop computer screens, instant messaging icons, iphoto files, ipod lifestyle. ..and their goldfish munchies.

• Family Ties Show

I Ching hexagram of "Family" made up of iphoto digital pictures.

watercolor and acrylic on paper

show announcement : front /back

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