fishing seriesFishing Series
It all began by hanging out in chinatown for the old building series; then looking in the stores at the food shelves (chinatown food series), and right next to chinatown was the old fish auction on River St.(fish auction series) ....then, after painting fish for years, I got into fishing.

There were a handful(?) of years were my ears and eyes were glued to the current run of certain types of fish, local fish magazines, the hottest lures, as well as being sensitive to the daily moon, tide and weather changes. This fervor created numerous fishing expeditions into the remote coastlines of Big Island and Moloka'i. (...and then I got married and had kids......)

Omilu- watercolor

Omilu - Ulua Study, Kona Hawai'i
1979 2 panels 21"x 42.5" private collection

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