Fish Auction Series
The Old Building and Chinatown Food Series focused on the rustic downtown feeling. In the pre-dawn hours, on the ewa side of chinatown , across the river, is where all days' action began.

Boats and trucks would unload the night's catch and O'ahu Fish Auction would grind into gear by displaying a wide variety of the freshest local seafood for Honolulu's restaurants and fish stands. As the light of dawn appeared , a bell would ring and rapid fire bidding would commence with each wholesaler having his own unique and subtle signal. By 9 to 10 a.m., the fish would have been recorded packed, delivered and ready to sell at O'ahu's markets.

The other classic fish auction that no longer exists was the Sui San Fish Auction in Hilo. O'ahu's auction was moved to a cleaner and more modern air conditioned facility in Kewalo basin and most recently to Pier 38.

kumu/opelu watercolor

Kumu/ Opelu
1977 2 panels 23" x 62" private collection

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