early workEarly Work
When I was paddling with a canoe club during the mid 70's, the typical weekday practice started late in afernoon and ended in the dark. After painting in the studio all day, my view to the outside consisted of darkening shadows against a fading orange sunset. Thus,the Silhouette Series (acrylic enamel on bronze plexiglass) began.

The watercolors of overlapping images are actually an offshoot of the Tourist Series, though, this time, I'm living back home and using the local imagery.

The Plate Lunch Series: Hawai'i's multicultural diversity also means a wide variety of ethnic foods. The local plate lunches are unique to the islands and vary from stand to stand and island to island.

lau niu - painting

Lau Niu, Moanalua Valley

acrylic enamel on bronze plexi

1976 48"x 60" private collection

Reef runway dredge/ leahi

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