Public Art Commissions:

Hawai'i State Art Museum Sculpture Garden

2010 -2012

Title: Waikui

Medium: 3 layer laminate, airbrushed, splattered enamel -fused glass

Glass Studio: Peters Glasmalerei, Paderborn, Germany

Competitive awarded commission for the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts

Site: Hawai'i State Museum : Sculpture Garden

installation : April 2012

photography: Doug Young

Dimensions: 16' x 35', 144 art glass blocks on Buzon clear pedestal system

It was at the end of the second install day, all the glass blocks were finally down and as we were about to leave, a dragon fly came down and hovered over the "water" ...going back and forth...up and down the pool for the longest time... I took some we closed the door to the sculpture garden was still there.

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